Standard Ink Color Chart and Custom/PMS Color Matching for Flat Aluminum and Polyethylene Plastic License Plates

For items #40124, #40235, #40255, #40275, #40635

For spot-color screen-printed plates, unless you request otherwise, we’ll automatically create and print your plates using one or more of the standard colors in the chart below.

Color accuracy. Keep in mind that display of these or any other colors on computer screens is approximate only. This is due to the differences between how monitors display color from one to the next, which can vary significantly. If you need to match a specific or preexisting color, it’s very important due to such monitor differences not to rely on computer screens for color accuracy. For color-matching, printers use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This system utilizes physically printed color swatch books produced under highly controlled conditions and distributed/ sold to the printing industry centrally by the Pantone corporation to ensure absolute color consistency. PMS colors as viewed in physically printed Pantone swatch books, referred to by their PMS number, ensure everyone looking at a Pantone swatch book is seeing the exact same colors when making color selections.

Pantone/PMS color match available for $25 per color. If you need more exact color, we can match any Pantone Matching System color for an additional ink-mixing charge of $25 per color match. In lieu of a Pantone swatch number, you can send a physical item by postal mail for us to match as well. Do understand, though, that screen-printing inks use different pigment types than regular commercial printing inks on which the Pantone system is based, so Pantone matches in screen-printing are often less exact and perfect matches are not guaranteed. See important comments in this regard on our color accuracy page and the related discussion on our FAQ page.

Color names/numbers. The swatches below are labeled with both the common color name (above the swatch) we’ve assigned, as well as the equivalent Pantone/ PMS swatch name or number (below the swatch). Also note that the Pantone names/ numbers here correspond to the “coated”/ glossy-finish version of the Pantone swatches, as opposed to the “uncoated”/ matte-finish version.

Color swatches shown are approximate only, due to differences between computer monitors, which can and do vary significantly.

See our color accuracy page for further information about color-matching limitations.




Navy Blue



Black color swatch PMS 2685 Violet color swatch PMS 266 Purple color swatch PMS 282 Dark Navy color swatch


PMS 2685

PMS 266

PMS 282




Dark Blue

Royal Blue

Bright Blue

Kelly Green


PMS 2746 Ultramarine color swatch PMS Reflex Blue color swatch PMS 300 Medium Royal Blue color swatch PMS Process Blue color swatch PMS 348 Kelly Green color swatch

PMS 2746

PMS Reflex Blue (similar to U.S. Postal Service’s “Priority Mail” blue)

PMS 300

PMS Process Blue

PMS 348




Bright Red


Metallic Silver

Metallic Gold

PMS Basic Yellow color swatch PMS 1655 Orange color swatch PMS 185 Bright Red color swatch PMS Rhodamine Red color swatch PMS 877 Metallic Silver color swatch PMS 871 Metallic Gold color swatch

PMS Basic Yellow

PMS 1655

PMS 185

PMS Rhodamine Red (between a magenta and a hot pink

PMS 877
(see comments about metallic appearance on our color accuracy page)

PMS 872
(see comments about metallic appearance on our color accuracy page)

See our color accuracy page for exact-color limitations.