Pre-Applied Tag-Bla nk Background Colors for Embossed Aluminum Oval License Plates and Motorcycle License Plates

For items #40035, #40431

Use a pre-fabricated plate bla nk color and save money. When your embossed oval auto tags (item #40035) or motorcycle tags (#40431) use one of the pre-manufactured plate bla nks with a pre-applied background color shown below, the color does not count toward the number of colors on the plate for pricing purposes.

Remember: Any background color besides those below can be used for your plates. However, the background colors shown here are full-bleed, extending plate edge to plate edge, since the plate bla nks are prefabricated that way as part of the manufacturing process. Other background colors are achieved by printing on white bla nks with a 1/4” outer margin required, which appears as a white border around the outer tag edge.

Color accuracy. Keep in mind that display of these or any other colors on computer screens is approximate only. Computer monitors can and do vary significantly in how color is displayed from one to the next, unless professionally calibrated (most are not, and do not come that way from the factory). For color-matching, printers use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This system utilizes physically printed color swatch books produced under highly controlled conditions and distributed/ sold to the printing industry centrally by the Pantone corporation to ensure absolute color consistency. PMS colors as viewed in physically printed Pantone swatch books, referred to by their PMS number, ensure everyone looking at a Pantone swatch book is seeing the exact same colors when making color selections.

Color names/numbers. The color swatches below are labeled with both the common color name (above the swatch) we’ve assigned, as well as the equivalent Pantone/ PMS swatch name or number (below the swatch). Also note that the Pantone names/ numbers here correspond to the “coated”/ glossy-finish version of the Pantone swatches, as opposed to the “uncoated”/ matte-finish version.

Color swatches shown are approximate only, due to differences between computer monitors, which can and do vary significantly.

See our color accuracy page for further information about color-matching limitations.







White color swatch Black color swatch Natural Aluminum color swatch



Lightly brushed chrome appearance