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Plate designs by Leeward Productions

City of George West, Texas serially numbered golf cart license plate design sample

City of George West, TX
Serially numbered golf cart license plates

City of Port Aransas, Texas serial-numbered golf cart tag layout example

Item #40069 example
Appaloosa Banks
Serially numbered golf cart tags

City of Port Aransas, Texas numbered golf cart plate layout example

City of Port Aransas, TX
Serially numbered golf cart license plates

Odessa 6th-Grade Elementary Class variable-data car tags with student names

Odessa, TX 6th-Grade Elementary
Teacher’s gift to class with each student’s name

Denver Community Credit Union variable-imprint auto plate sample #1
Denver Community Credit Union variable-data auto plate example #2
Denver Community Credit Union variable-imprint license plate layout #3
Denver Community Credit Union variable-data car tag sample #4
Denver Community Credit Union variable-data auto tag design #5

Denver Community Credit Union
Variable-imprint license plate promotion for car loan program, posted in branch location foyers

Numbered Golf Cart License Plates, Custom-Designed Free — For Autos Too

In Full Photographic Color
with Reflective White Background

Item #40067: 12x6” Aluminum, Unembossed

Item #40069: 12x6” Aluminum, Embossed Serial Numbers

Note: For item #40067, pricing is the same for both consecutively numbered and vanity plates. For item #40069, vanity plates cost extra due to the manual labor involved in swapping out multiple character embossing dies for every plate when compared to consecutive serial numbers (see #40069 chart for added amount). 

Standard features

  • Designed free by our experienced designers in 3 business days, except when art is complex.
  • Serialized or variable-data imprinting. Imprint a unique alphanumeric serial number, name, title, motto, etc., on each auto or golf cart license plate in an order. Variable data and serial numbers can be sequential/ consecutive or arbitrary/ nonsequential according to your preference.
  • Perfect for municipal governments, campgrounds, and other assorted uses. You get the same numbering capability for licensing golf carts — or any other use — that previously has only been possible at the state-government level for licensing automobiles.
  • Variable data can be printed in any color and uses a monospaced font. For item #40067 (unembossed), variable data can be printed at any size and use any monospaced variable-data font from our library. For item #40069 (embossed alphanumeric character string), the font is the same as that used for North Carolina’s passenger plates, at the same fixed size, with 8 characters maximum.
  • Artwork on rest of plate can be full color, including continuous-tone (photographic or Photoshopped) images.
  • Deluxe state-license-plate-grade construction. Atlas Duraplates™ are produced exclusively for Leeward Productions by the nation’s predominant supplier of plate-making systems to state DMVs/ prison industries.
    • Will outlast any other volume-priced plates. Ask for your free sample and eliminate any doubt.
    • Thick .032-gauge aluminum, plus debossed rim. One-third thicker than typical .024-gauge aluminum plates, plus flanged outer rim imparts even more rigidity — and looks classier too.
    • Full photographic-color (CMYK) printing, output digitally. No artwork limitations.
    • 5 to 7-year non-fade industrial-resin inks. Same ink technology used to produce official state license plates, same tough wear characteristics.
    • Reflective white background for optimum visibility day or night. Serial numbers show up better at night for easier identification.
    • Highway-grade clear overlaminate protects against road chemicals and small stone-chipping.
  • No setup fees.

More details about:


  • Standard production time is 3–4 weeks once you’ve reviewed and approved your plate artwork.
  • Shipping time and cost are extra. See bottom row of price chart for shipping weight, shipping point zip code, and carrier used when estimating shipping cost. Or we can figure the cost if you need an exact quote.

Extra-cost options

  • Rush turnaround available if room in our production schedule, for 10–15% extra cost, depending on circumstances. Rush orders must be paid by credit or debit card.

Fire department and EMS
officer/member title imprints

For separate imprints on fire department and EMS plates — where each title needs to be custom-fitted to the reserved imprint area to appear at the largest reasonable size — the variable-data method here does not apply. In this situation, custom hand-set titles are required. For these, see the section on Fire Dept. and EMS imprints under our Atlas Duraplates item #40066.

Need to know more about our variable-data
and serial-numbered auto/ golf cart plates?

Feel free to call us with your questions about our custom license plates at 8 00-33 0-82 47, Mon.–Fri., 8:30–5:30 Central Standard Time. Or email us at . Note our 15-tag minimum order for items #40067 and #40069 before calling or emailing.


$50 order discount for print-ready art supplied in Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) format using our tag template, and that follows our artwork requirements.

Same discount for reorders that reuse identical plate artwork. No time limit, art kept permanently.

Fire dept. officer/member imprints are handled under item #40066 as custom hand-set titles.

Multiple plate designs that involve minor changes such as different color combinations or copy substitutions can be ganged for a modest fee but are handled under item #40066. Ask for quote.

#40067 PRICING
per .032-ga. 12x6” aluminum plate

For Item #40069 — See 2nd chart below
Minimum Order Qty: 15


(Each Tag)

15 $23.08
20 $19.33
25 $17.16
30 $15.71
35 $14.65
40 $13.86
45 $13.24
50 $12.75
60 $12.01
75 $11.20
100 $10.36
125 $9.77
150 $9.37
200 $8.83
250 $8.56
300 $7.88
400 $7.55
500 $7.38
750 $7.12
1,000 $6.14
1,500 $5.70
2,000 $5.48
2,500 $5.35
5,000 $5.08
10,000 $4.39
Shipping cost is extra. Shipping weight is 23 lbs. per 100 plates. Ships from zip code 16652 via UPS Ground.

#40069 PRICING
per .032-ga. 12x6” aluminum plate

Cost shown for consecutive numbers.
Add $1.75 each for vanity plates.
Minimum Order Qty: 15


(Each Tag)

15 $38.38
20 $31.07
25 $26.80
30 $23.95
35 $21.90
40 $20.36
45 $19.16
50 $18.20
60 $16.74
75 $15.20
100 $13.60
125 $12.59
150 $11.91
200 $10.98
250 $10.50
300 $9.65
400 $9.15
500 $8.87
750 $8.47
1,000 $7.43
1,500 $6.92
2,000 $6.66
2,500 $6.51
5,000 $6.18
10,000 $5.47
Shipping cost is extra. Shipping weight is 23 lbs. per 100 plates. Ships from zip code 16652 via UPS Ground.

Sales tax: Not charged for states outside Kansas. KS residents other than nonprofits add 6.3% state sales tax, plus your applicable local (city and/or county) rate. For KS nonprofits, an exemption form is required for us to waive tax, which we’ll ask you to furnish.

We can expedite shipping using faster delivery methods at UPS’s usual rates for those services. However, aluminum plates are heavy and non-Ground shipping costs considerably more, so we recommend planning ahead.

We do not profit on shipping, and pass through only UPS’s rates as charged to us, plus our packing materials cost. Included in the shipping rates above is a small but mandatory UPS insurance fee to cover reprinting your order in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.

Prices subject to change without notice. If there has been any change, we will notify you when you first contact us about an order.