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Atlas Duraplates™ Full-Color Reflective Aluminum License Plates: Specifications

Item #40063: Half-Size 12x4” Aluminum

Items #40066, #40067, #40069: Full-Size 12x6” Aluminum

Will outlast any other volume-priced plates

The Atlas Duraplates™ production line is operated by the nation’s predominant supplier of plate-making systems used to produce state license plates by prison industries. These plates are made for Leeward Productions as the exclusive manufacturer’s outlet to the promotional license plates market, employing the same process used to manufacture official state license plates.

There is a reason the states use equipment and industrial processes just like this to produce their full-color aluminum plates: The plates must hold up in superior shape year after year, in even the toughest climates and road conditions. And of course they do. Official state license plates have a well-deserved reputation as the longest-lasting, most durable mass-produced plates made. They’re “prison tough.”

With Atlas Duraplates you get exactly the same.

Deluxe state-license-plate-grade features

It’s not making too strong a statement to say that these are the most durable and well-constructed custom aluminum plates you’ll find anywhere at a volume price. No other custom promotional license plates are made this way, last as long, or continue to look as good after years of exposure to harsh road conditions. Here’s why:

  • Thicker, stiffer, .027-gauge (27/1,000ths”) aluminum. More durable than the .024-gauge stock normally used in the custom aluminum plate industry.
  • Debossed rim for added rigidity and extra resistance to bending from accidental impacts. The debossed rim (on both full-size 12x6” and half-size 12x4” plates) stiffens the plate to roughly the equivalent of .040-gauge aluminum and also provides a classier look. (Note: Plate surface is flat except for debossed rim.)
  • Full photographic-color (CMYK) printing. Print just about any design you can dream up. For more info on full-color printing specifications and artwork requirements, see the artwork guidelines for resin-printed process-color.
  • Industrial inkjet with 5 to 7-year no-fade durability, the maximum offered by outdoor ink manufacturers. Note: Less durable full-color plates commonly use either UV-inkjet — such as our full-color polyethylene plastic plates, with a 2 to 3-year non-fade rating — or else dye-sublimation printing (which we don’t offer) with a much shorter non-fade life of a year or two or even less under real-world conditions. There is no substitute for premium-grade inks such as industrial resin (equal to screen-printing’s renowned durability) when long life is of concern.
  • Reflective white background for enhanced nighttime visibility. Engineering-grade white retroreflective sheeting as specified for highway use by state transportation departments.
  • Tougher plate surface. Clear-coat overlaminate layer (same as specified by state transportation departments for official state plates) protects from road chemicals. Artwork maintains first-class appearance for lifetime of plate.