Customized License Plates — Designed Free by Commercial Artists Just for You

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A significant extra you get with Leeward Productions is free design of your customized license plates by skilled graphic designers. That means we’ll create the design for your license plates at no extra charge, whether you already have artwork in hand or not. (Free in about 90% of cases — a few exceptions when art is very complex.) It takes the design difficulty out of getting license plates that put your best foot forward, making it a truly easy process.

And, in contrast to many license plate printers offering fill-in-the-bla nk, so-called “customized” plates with your name inserted on top of canned, prefabricated templates, when we do the design, you get a REAL custom design created just for your organization. That’s because Leeward Productions is owned and operated by experienced commercial artists, and more than simply a knock-’em-out tag-imprinting company. Here’s what we’re talking about:

Customized license plates designed for
businesses, schools, and nonprofits

Click on license plates for enlarged close-ups. Note: Now also available in full photographic color. (See products and pricing list and the individual plate product pages it links to for full-color examples.)

White Deer Search & Rescue,
Milton, PA

Broken Bow Savages,
Broken Bow, OK

Florida Peaches,
Lake Placid, FL

Rampage Hockey Club,
Philadelphia, PA

White Deer Search and Rescue custom license plates

EMS unit using dogs on wilderness missions

Broken Bow Savages custom license plates

High school band & sports

Florida Peaches custom license plates

Industry trade group

Rampage Hockey Club custom license plates

Inline hockey for all ages

Abana Realty,
Vestavia, AL

Brews Brothers,
Wichita, KS

National Pony Express Association,

Flint Oak,
Fall River, KS

Abana Realty custom license plates

area realtor

Brews Brothers custom license plates

Bar and grill

National Pony Express custom license plates

See “Before & After” design makeover

Flint Oak custom license plates

Five-star hunting resort

Sample Custom License Plates     Page:  #1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4

Also see our sample customized license plates designed for churches.

Of course, if you already have the design of your license plates ready to go, we’ll get started printing with no further ado. But if you don’t have design skills, relax. No problem...

How to get started with your customized license plates, designed free

  • Just email or fax us a rough layout or sketch, and/or
  • send us your logo or symbol, plus
  • the info you want on your license plates,
  • and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll turn your rough idea, or even no idea (or if you want, even your previous car tag design), into something better than you’d likely been expecting. And, here’s our custom license plate design tips and guidelines for what to consider when deciding what to put on your car tags, and how, before contacting us. (Also essential if you’re designing your license plates entirely yourself.)

Within 3 business days of telling us to get started, we’ll have your free design up on a web page, ready for you to review. Then tell us what you think, and we’ll go from there.

To see exactly what this means, and the kind of individualized attention you get, check out these “Before & After” examples of custom license plates designed for previous customers from ideas they submitted.

Just as importantly...

Choose from a selection of license plate types to match your needs. Our free design service is available with any type of plates you buy. That means you’ll get not just a first-class appearance, but the plates best-suited to your needs and budget: Durable aluminum tags for long-term identity campaigns and promotion, or inexpensive plastic plates for limited budgets or more profitable fundraisers. And with only a few exceptions, we also offer full-photographic-color printing for most plate types in addition to common spot-color printing. (Spot-color is the least expensive printing method, and means separate individual colors are used, rather than the full color spectrum used for plates printed in photographic color.)

Serial number plates or other individualized imprinting is also available for plate lettering, through the use of “variable-data” printing. This is a unique Leeward Productions offering available with our Atlas Duraplates™ state-license-plate-grade aluminum tags. Our exclusive relationship as manufacturer’s rep for the nation’s predominant supplier of state license plate production lines and variable-data imprinting solutions to state DMVs and prison industries means this capability is now available to anyone. Use it for: golf-cart licensing for municipalities and retirement communities, corporate vehicle fleet identification, or for special awards and other creative uses. (For more details, see plate item #40067.)

Ready to order? See our pricing and features chart to easily locate the plate type you want, project your cost, and get full details. Then see our ordering page for how to get started with your plates.

Not sure? Just have a question? Call us, we’re here to help. You can reach us at 8 00-33 0-82 47, Mon.–Fri., 8:30–5:30 Central Standard Time. Or email us instead at: . (Note the minimum order quantity for the plate type(s) you’re interested in before contacting us. Single plates not sold.)