However You Spell It — Liscense, Liscence, or Licence Plates — the Design is a Breeze

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for the minimum-quantity order for each license plate type.

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How many different ways can you spell license plates? Well, for starters, there’s licence plates, which the British prefer to the American spelling, considered a misspelling here in the U.S., of course. Then there’s liscense, liscence, and lisense plates next in popularity. And don’t forget running the words together, which most commonly begets licenseplates or licenceplates. Then combine all these variants with “tags,” and you’ve got licence tags, plus liscense, liscence, and lisense tags too.

But however you spell licence plates (or is that liscense plates?), it doesn’t matter. As long as you can meet the minimum order quantity for the plate type you’re interested in, you’ll get your liscence plates (perhaps you prefer lisense plates) designed free from Leeward Productions, a company owned by experienced commercial artists. That’s as opposed to the type of quickie throwaway licenseplates (not to mention licenceplates) design you might get elsewhere. Here’s just the kind of design you can expect:

Custom licence plates designed for
businesses, schools, and nonprofits

Click on license plates for enlarged close-ups. Note: Now also available in full photographic color. (See products and pricing list and the individual plate product pages it links to for full-color examples.)

Gainesville Street Rods,
Gainesville, FL

Tequesta Urgent Care,
Tequesta, FL

Calloway Lakers,
Calloway County, KY

Udall Community Historical Society,
Udall, KS

Gainesville Street Rods custom license plates

Classic car & hot rod club

Tequesta Urgent Care custom license plates

Emergency medical treatment

Calloway County Lakers Football custom license plates

High school football

Udall Community Historical Society custom license plates

Rural/local-interest museum

Southwest Luxury Sedan,
Tempe, AZ

Kansas Poultry Association,
Manhattan, KS

Santangelo Real Estate,
East Norriton, PA

Gipson Construction,
Birmingham, AL

Southwest Luxury Sedan custom license plates

Limousine service

Kansas Poultry Association custom license plates

Industry trade group

Santangelo Real Estate custom license plates

Philadelphia-area realtor

Gipson Construction custom license plates

Upscale/new-technology home builder

Sample Custom License Plates     Page:  #1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4

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