Custom Licence Plates for Your Group: Designed Free, Created to Suit

Minimum order required: See products and pricing list
for the minimum-quantity order for each license plate type.

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Here’s more custom licence plates showing how your organization could look on an auto tag. There’s no need to settle for the merely mediocre when you realize you can put Leeward Productions’ skilled commercial artists to work on your custom licence plates. The only requirement is to meet the minimum order quantity (varies depending on the plate type — see our price/features comparison chart for more).

The rest is easy: Tell us what you want, review your design online in just 3 business days, then tell us where to go from there. That's all it takes — and your group can easily be the recipient of a licence plate as nice as the ones here. (Meet our tag design team.)

Custom licence plates designed for
businesses, schools, and nonprofits

Click on license plates for enlarged close-ups. Note: Now also available in full photographic color. (See products and pricing list and the individual plate product pages it links to for full-color examples.)

Norman Tigers Baseball,
Norman, OK

Seven Lakes West,
West End, NC

Blast Soccer Club,
Mobile, AL

Sons of Confederate Veterans,
Glen St. Mary, FL

Norman Tigers Baseball custom license plates

High school sports

Seven Lakes West custom license plates

See “Before & After” design makeover

Blast Soccer Club custom license plates

Boys and girls
age 8 to 18

Sons of Confederate Veterans custom license plates


Bricks ’R Us,
Miami, FL

Elyria Christian School,
McPherson, KS

Wayco Ham Company,
Goldsboro, NC

Edison Elementary School,
Hammond, IN

Bricks 'R Us custom license plates

Inscribed bricks/tiles for fundraising

Elyria Christian School custom license plates


Wayco Hams custom license plates

Slow-cooked and hickory-smoked

Edison Elementary School (Hammond, IN) custom license plates

See “Before & After” design makeover

Sample Custom Licence Plates     Page:  #1  |  #2  |  #3  |  #4

Also see our sample custom licence plates designed for churches.