Numberplate Switzerland  |  2000–2004, Stephan Müller, commercial.

Numberplate Switzerland font specimen (full alphabet)

Font set contains: Two styles, a straight-cut version (shown above), plus an alternate version with slightly rounded corners to give more of an embossed look, although the effect is subtle.

About this typeface: A close replica of Switzerland’s number plate lettering. Switzerland’s font seems to show multiple influences. Some characters are based on DIN 1451, such as C, G, O, and Q, which retain DIN’s circular rounds, while other characters with rounded shapes such as B, D, P, and R feature more squarish rounds, similar to France or Britain’s alphabets. Some of the numbers, however, exhibit oval-shaped curves akin to, but a bit different from, those seen in American license plates, while the odd zero character with its base wider than its top recalls the capital O from Germany’s FE Schrift. Definitely a mixed brew.

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