Fucked Plate  |  2005, Damien Gosset, free for personal use.

Fucked Plate font specimen (full alphabet)

Font consists of: One weight with alternate capital characters in the lowercase positions (uppercase positions shown above), plus added auxiliary characters.

About this typeface: A brief release note by designer Damien Gosset says Fucked Plate was created based on pictures of broken number plates. From what we can detect, this entailed scanning and autotracing. The design is uppercase only, however the lowercase alpha positions contain alternate forms of each letter or digit, which Damien indicated in private email were scanned from additional plates.

He also added that all characters come from plates in France — his home country — except for capital I, which isn’t used on French plates (to prevent confusion with numeral 1), and which he believes may have been from German plates. Also, he says all special characters were his additions, as they don’t occur on actual number plates.

Note: In 2010, Gosset released Destroyed License Plate, an updated version of Fucked Plate with reworked grunge effects, plus a set of accented characters for major European languages, and a few other added auxiliary characters as well. Fucked Plate remains available for those who prefer it.

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