Destroyed License Plate  |  2010, Damien Gosset, free for personal use.

Destroyed License Plate font specimen (full alphabet)

Font consists of: One weight with alternate capital characters in the lowercase positions (uppercase positions shown above), plus added auxiliary characters including accented glyphs for Romance languages.

About this typeface: Destroyed License Plate is a completely updated and reworked version of the earlier F**ked Plate. From what we could tell examining a number of the characters up close, with a few exceptions it appears that most consist of the same underlying character, but there is not only added grunge spattering but higher-resolution detail. We are not sure whether the characters were re-scanned at higher resolution from the original source license plates or digitally reworked, or both.

Accented characters for A, C, E, I, N, O, and U have also been added for use in the major European languages, plus a few other auxiliary characters not present before. For further details, see the description for F**ked Plate, which is still available as well.

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