Carplates  |  Christian Küsters and Sandy Suffield, 1998, commercial.

Carplates font specimen (full alphabet)

Font family contains: 4 weights (medium and bold, plus stencil versions of both weights), with a lowercase and auxiliary characters. Bold weight shown above.

About this typeface: Inspired by the Charles Wright 1935 font used for U.K. number plates prior to the implementation of the more recently mandated Charles Wright 2001 font, with an added lowercase. (The bold style shown above is the weight as it would have appeared on number plates.) One minor difference is the square lower right corner on the capital G usually seen in many examples of the font on tag collector pictures has been rounded here for design consistency.

Compared to the more recent Charles Wright 2001 number plate font, this design incorporates the smoothly bent stem endings on the K, X, and Y seen in the Charles Wright font to similarly angled glyphs throughout the character set (A, K, R, V, X, and Y, though not the more shallow-angled W) for a more streamlined and consistent look. The sheared-off stroke endings on the C and G here are also more sharply angled, further contributing to the more agile feel.

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